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Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Project

Year: 2008

Every year thousands of Christmas trees are chipped after use. It takes 6-7 years to grow a good-sized trees, and we enjoy them for only about a month. Julie's Christmas Tree Project extends the useful lifetime of your Christmas Tree by many years, turning it into a piece of art. To have your own Christmas Tree turned into a sculpture, contact Julie for a price estimate.

Size: 6-8 feet

Antler Talisman

Antler Talisman

Year: 2005

Medium: Beads, metal, antler

Size: 3"

Ice Cream Cone

Ice Cream Cone

Year: 2004

It is ironical that Julie's fascination for the conical shape should culminate in the construction of an ice cream cone. This 5-foot sculpture was commissioned by Marv's in Black Diamond, Alberta, and it is still on display above the main entrance on 121 Centre Avenue. It is made of plastic foam, fibreglass, resin and metal.

Size: 5 feet


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